What's a mug club you ask? It's a special membership where you get $1 off all pints, but instead of getting a 16oz pint glass, you get your own 20oz mug that stays in the taproom. So you get $1 off each beer and you get 4 more ounces of beer than everyone else. Sounds cool, huh? Check out the other perks!

The membership is $100 for LIFE!

Mug Club Benefits

  • $1 off pints
  • The "pints" are actually 20oz servings in your own member mug
  • Your name or a custom short phrase of your choosing will be added to your mug
  • $2 off growler (64oz) fills
  • $1 off howler (32oz) fills
  • Free admission to special release parties
  • 10% off all brewery merchandise
  • Special experimental beers that will only be available for mug club members

Stop in to our taproom or see our merchandise page to purchase!