Canton Brew Works is the 2018 Ashley’s Brewery Throwdown® champion!


Interested in a series of IPAs that tie into Marvel's Infinity War?

The first of our Infinity Gauntlet SMaSH IPA series beers represents the Power Stone. Star-Lord's Pants Off Dance Off is a smooth yet hoppy IPA using brewer's malt and Warrior hops.

Come in today and add the first stone to your gauntlet! We'll be releasing new beers in this series on a regular basis until April. The final release will be an IPA with elements of all the SMaSH IPAs to complete the Infinity Gauntlet of IPAs!


We are a microbrewery in Canton, MI that specializes in small batch ales.

Mon. - Wed. 5-11pm
Thurs. 12pm - 11pm
Fri. 12-12am | Sat. 12-12am | Sun. 12-9pm

While we don't have a full kitchen, we DO have The Impossible Burger, pizza and some tasty snacks such as Bavarian pretzels and chips & beer cheese!

If none of these jump out at you, you're free to bring in takeout or have something delivered.

We DO have occasional food trucks, pop-ups and pairings with some amazing food magicians; check our event calendar to see when!