Canton Brew Works is the 2018 Ashley’s Brewery Throwdown® champion!

Strange Times

Strange Times

Interested in a series of IPAs that tie into Marvel's Infinity War?

We still have most of our Avenger’s Infinity Stone IPAs on tap. The only one we are out of is the one that represents the Power Stone, Star-Lord’s Pant’s Off Dance Off.

Come in today and enjoy the individual SMaSH IPAs and the Double IPA with elements of all the SMaSH IPAs to complete the Infinity Gauntlet of IPAs!

Harry Potter Trivia UPDATE

Harry Potter Trivia on Sunday, May 5th will start at 6pm instead of 5pm. Sorry for any inconvenience!


We are a microbrewery in Canton, MI that specializes in small batch ales.

Mon. - Wed. 5-11pm
Thurs. 12pm - 11pm
Fri. 12-12am | Sat. 12-12am | Sun. 12-9pm

While we don't have a full kitchen, we DO have The Impossible Burger, pizza and some tasty snacks such as Bavarian pretzels and chips & beer cheese!

If none of these jump out at you, you're free to bring in takeout or have something delivered.

We DO have occasional food trucks, pop-ups and pairings with some amazing food magicians; check our event calendar to see when!